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The People Behind Alliance
Meng Yeng WONG
Meng Yeng WONG was called to the Singapore Bar in 1984. For the subsequent 6 years, his practice consisted mainly of commercial litigation in a medium sized firm. After a 9 month stint with a major US law firm in California, he moved from litigation to a corporate commercial practice. His practice comprised the drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements, advising clients on joint ventures and takeovers, assisting clients on setting up offices in Singapore including regulatory matters such as tax and employment. His practice has extended to the winding down of banks and multi-national corporations as well as the divestment of businesses by multi-national companies. He is a board member of several companies listed in the Singapore Exchange.
Stanley GAN
Stanley GAN was called to the Singapore Bar in 1988. He started his practice as a litigation lawyer. In 1990, he left the practice of law to be editor of a leading publisher of legal works. He subsequently joined a government linked company in 1993 as head of legal affairs and was overseeing the development of overseas infrastructure projects. Stanley returned to practice as a partner in a medium sized law firm in 1997. His practice includes advising clients on acquisitions of companies and businesses, joint venture projects, shareholder relationships, financial transactions and general corporate work.
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